First Meeting: January 2012

The inagural OKC.js meeting will be on Tuesday, January 24th from 11:30-12:30 at the okcCoCo in Midtown OKC.

Vance Lucas will give a short presentation on JavaScript BDD testing with Jasmine, followed by a group discussion about what people want from the group, topics people want to hear or present on, and the direction of the group in the future.

This group will be open and benifical to anyone involved in any form of JavaScript at any level. We will cover front-end topics like jQuery, HTML5 APIs and the DOM, back-end development topics with tools like Node.js, Express, and NPM, as well as core JavaScript fundamentals like proper namespacing and the module pattern.

Lunch and drinks will be provided by the nice folks at Nine Collective, so come have a free lunch and get involved in the local JavaScript community.