Meeting: March 20 - jQuery UI and Photoshop Automation

About “Ninjas of the Javascript”

Meeting March 20, 2012 from 11:30am - 12:30pm at the <div> in Edmond, OK. Batteries not included, but lunch is!

A Frontal Assault

Last month, we highlighted some of the awesome things happening with
serverside javascript. Now, this month we want to highlight some
awesome uses of javascript for the client, and for frontend designers.
We have two awesome presentations lined up that will demonstrate the
diversity and usefulness of javascript in your workflow.

Photoshop Automation With Javascript

Javascript is everwhere, and if you frequently work in programs such as
image editors, video editors and sound editors you might be surprised to
find Javascript in the most unlikely of places. That means as a
developer or designer, harnessing the power of scripting gives you an
incredible edge. Photoshop gives you the ability to implement javascript
for a variety of tasks, which can save you time. It is time to learn the
ancient secrets of Photoshop, and Dragon Punch™ your photoshop workflow
with the power of Javascript.

Effective Clientside Patterns with the jQuery UI Widget factory

Many of you use jQuery, and similarly, many of you use jQuery UI. Its
time to go beyond simply using the presets and default widgets in your
jQuery UI library. In this talk, we will cover how $.widget really
works, and how beyond its surface, using the widget factory can help you
write elegant and well organized javascript code in your next
application. Do not attend expecting a blow by blow demonstration of the
default widgets. Instead, this is for those who are looking for ways to
organize their codebase with good patterns and solve their own unique
problems with jQuery UI. Shadow Kick™ your web application’s clientside
codebase with the awesome javascript conventions, CSS conventions and
state management afforded by jQuery UI!

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