Meeting: July 21 - WebGL - The Hard Way

This Month

Tuesday: Jul 21, 2015

11:30 am

401 NW 10th,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

About “WebGL - The Hard Way”

WebGL. We’ve all heard about how it’s bringing 3D to the web. Games are adopting WebGL, 3D model viewers are adopting WebGL, and industrial applications are adopting WebGL for 3D. What you may not realize is it’s the future of 2D graphics as well. Google maps, MapboxGL, Youtube, and lots of games are using WebGL to do things that just aren’t possible with Canvas. This is not just true for the web and WebGL but for desktop and mobile applications that use OpenGL. WebGL is a great way to learn the current state of the art for web graphics and hone your graphics skills across all platforms.

Unfortunately WebGL is hard :( and most tutorials are either horribly out of date, or just suggest using a framework like Three.js (which is a great framework but doesn’t teach you much about the guts of WebGL). Fortunately with some simple explanation, WebGL can be tamed and be a fun, valuable tool in your toolbelt. In this talk I’ll give you the key pieces that you need to know to use WebGL, show you how to get started, and where to go from there.

About our Speaker

Karl Kirch

SWOSU grad who’s done everything from freelance work, the startup scene, and even some government contract work. I’ve done frontend and backend work (and even some mobile) in everything from Java to JavaScript (except C++, not a huge fan…). I don’t always code, but when I do I like to do it well… When I’m not coding I’m running, playing soccer, brewing beer, or anything that doesn’t involve a computer.
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