Meeting: Nov 19 - Howler.js

##This Month
Tuesday: Nov 19, 2013

11:30 am

@The Exchange
700 1/2 W. Sheridan Ave.,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

##”About “Howler.js”

Audio sucks on the web. Thankfully, there is a great library that helps with that : Howler.js. Howler can help with a variety of web audio needs, with graceful fallbacks to HTML5 Audio. Howler.js is a library that makes playing back audio in JavaScript simpler. It allows you to control when it starts and stops, looping, fading in and out, playback of multiple sounds at the same time, support for multiple codecs and more..

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Meeting: February 19 - The Making Of A Javascript Game

This Month

Tuesday: February 19, 2013

11:30 am

@The Exchange

The Making Of A Javascript Game.

##”Wait…. You Can Make Games With Javascript ?”

Dude. Yes you can.

Some developers from right here in Oklahoma are doing it right now. James Simpson and Luke Simpkins of Goldfire Studios have managed to create a vast, persistent virtual world that you can enjoy with javascript. The game is accessible anywhere using the latest Html 5 technologies, right in your browser, phone, tablet or any other modern device.

You can’t miss this next meeting. You’ll have an opportunity to listen to some talented developers talk about their experiences in this technology stack, their experiences in the game industry, and how they have dealt with many common, and possibly not-so-common issues with client-stack game development.

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