Meeting: Oct 18 - Crypto: 500 BC - Present

This Month

Tuesday: Oct 18, 2016

11:30 am

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About “Crypto: 500 BC - Present”

A 60-minute overview of The Code Book by Simon Singh, covering secrecy from ancient Greece to quantum cryptography. This is a cursory, high-level, mostly-non-mathematical survey of centuries of crypto - good as an intro to crypto for developers and non-devs alike.

About our Speaker

Luke Crouch

Web Developer for @mozilla, co-founder of @codesyio, collaborator on @tulsawebdevs, @codefortulsa, and @techlahoma; husband, dad; crossfit, homebrew, soccer fan

Follow Luke at @groovecoder!

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Meeting: June 19 - Final Fox: The Future of the Web

This Month

Meeting June 19, 2012 from 11:30am - 12:30pm at the <div> in Edmond, OK. Lunch will be provided!

Final Fox: The Future of the Web

Its time to enter a whole new realm of Internet challenge and adventure.

It is no secret that Mozilla has been pushing the boundaries of what the internet is capable of, and has been a fundamental force in evolving the web. This month will be a whirlwind tour of a host of exciting topics that encompass the vast and magical things that Mozilla has in store for everone.

Luke is going to cover a variety of things; Web SMS, Web Telephony, Battery API, Web Vibrator, Touch, Camera, The future of gaming, Mouse Lock, Gamepad API, Gladius.js, Mozilla Open Web apps and Identity/Browser Id. Afterwards there will be a Q & A session, led by Luke covering these topics

Gather your gear; internet adventurers, and level up your interwebs.

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