Meeting: Nov 18 - Lightning Talks 7

##This Month
Tuesday: Nov 18, 2014

11:30 am

401 NW 10th,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

##About “Lightning Talks: 7”
This is our 7th Installment of Community Lightning Talks. Never heard of a lightning talk? Here is what’s up:

Lightning Talks are really fun. They are an open forum where our members can get up and talk about what they want. The talks need to be short - generally 5-10 minutes. You can cover anything that is javascript, or related to javascript. You can talk about a problem you’ve solved, a plugin you like, a cool blog post you read, something you’re working on now, or pretty much any other way you’re using JavaScript to achieve your goals.

We run a signup on the Google G+ community for OKC.js. Generally? Be sure and sign up early; they fill up quickly.

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