Meeting: Feb 21 - WebAssembly

This Month

Tuesday: Feb 21, 2017

11:30 am

1141 W Sheridan Ave
Oklahoma City, OK

About “WebAssembly”

WebAssembly is an emerging standard which defines a compact, efficient, safe, and portable compiler target for the Web. This talk introduces WebAssembly: what it is and what problems it is designed to solve. Next, an in-depth tour of WebAssembly: how to compile it, what it looks like, how it works, how the engine compiles it into efficient machine code, and how it interfaces with JavaScript. If you care about alternative programming languages, compiling to the Web, performance, or you like using powerful JS libraries and frameworks, come learn
about WebAssembly.

About Yury Delendik

Yury Delendik is a Software Engineer at Mozilla Research. His goal is to provide secure and efficient solutions that work on various platforms and browsers. The projects he worked on in the past, such as PDF.js or Shumway, prove that the Web platform can be a valuable target for more complex applications. At the moment, Yury is contributing to the WebAssembly project.

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