Meeting: October 16 - Mootools. Prototype.

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Meeting October 16, 2012 @The Exchange

Mootools. Prototype.

“I love Javascript. Its so bad !”

You know why? There is a lot of choices and a lot of variety. There are a lot of tested, mature and useful frameworks and patterns available to a developer. Each one offers insight and techniques to help him/her solve real problems and achieve real goals. Javascript is totally bad. That means “good bad”, not, you know…. bad, bad.

One such framework is Mootools. Mootols (My Object-Oriented Tools) is a compact, modular Object-oriented js framework designed for intermediate to advanced javascript developers. Mootools is battle worn, tried and true. Its been powering sites for as long a jQuery, and has a strong userbase. The framework is extensible and modular, follows dry principles and allows for rich DOM interaction. If you’ve never taken Mootols for a test drive before, now is a chance to see what it can offer.

The next framework we will cover is Prototype. Prototype is one of the most popular Javascript libraries, and has ben around even longer than jQuery. Prototype is a framework that “aims to ease development of dynamic web applications”. If you’ve never used prototype, now is a good time to see what its does. It is currently used on 3.9% of all websites.

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