Meeting: December 18 - Javascript Lightning

This Month

Meeting December 18, 2012 @The Exchange

Javascript Lightning.

“Javascript Lightning”

Can you believe it? This month concludes our first full year as a usergroup!

We thought it would be a great idea to have a user driven meeting for this month. For the first part, the majority of the meeting, we will be doing lightning talks from community members. If you’ve never been involved in one of those before, its pretty simple: Its an open forum where our members can get up and talk about what they want. The talks need to be short - generally 5-10 minutes. You can cover anything that is javascript, or related to javascript. You can talk about a problem you’ve solved, a plugin you like, a cool blog post you read, something you’re working on now, or pretty much any other way you’re using javascript to achieve your goals

For the second part, we will have a sort of townhall related to okcjs. This is a chance for us to discuss stuff related to the future of our group, such as topics you think will be important for upcoming months or anything else.

This is your chance to share and be heard!

About our Speakers

Multiple Javascript Ninjas

This month it is all about you, our Okcjs Members. This meeting will be entirely user driven. Have you been working on something cool you want to share? Have you come across a useful plugin lately? Have you recently solved a hard problem with javascript or related technologies? Now is your chance to present it!

Tasty lunch will be served thanks to Robert Half Technologies. These awesome folks are passionate about serving the Oklahoma City technology community and we thank them for their generous support. They’ve made it clear they want to see our usergroup succeed, which is an epic win for everyone!

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The Exchange

The Exchange
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(405) 601-9200

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