Meeting: Jan 16 - GraphQL from the Ground Up

This Month

Tuesday: Jan 16, 2018

11:30 am

1141 W Sheridan Ave
Oklahoma City, OK

About “GraphQL from the Ground Up”

This talk will introduce GraphQL from the ground up. We’ll go over what it is, what problems it solves, and what it looks like. We’ll talk about what setting up a working GraphQL endpoint looks like, and how it simplifies data fetching on the client. And along the way we’ll touch on the incredibly rich ecosystem of tools that make all of these things simpler.

About Adam Rackis

After a brief stint in the Air Force, Adam began his career as a software developer here in Oklahoma City. In the more than decade since, he’s coded over a wide variety of languages, technologies and frameworks. Most recently he’s developed an unhealthy obsession with JavaScript, and the React stack in particular. When he’s not coding, his interests include fitness, reading, and of course being a husband and father.

Follow Adam at @AdamRackis

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Meeting: August 15 - Double Javascript II : The Revenge

This Month

Tuesday: Aug 08, 2017

11:30 am

1141 W. Sheridan Ave,
OKC, OK 73106

About “Double Javascript II : The Revenge”

We’re getting back to our roots with this meetup: It’s a double-header feature Jesse Harlin and Vance Lucas as the Javascript Dragon Warriors.

ES6 Templating and Echotag

Right now you’re probably underusing the raw dragon-power of es6 templates. Thankfully Vance has written a library that can bring your karate to the next level.

Apollo and GraphQL

You’ve heard of them, but what are they? Are they mysterious ninja assassins waiting to change how you handle data in your app? Maybe, we can’t answer that because you’ll have to join us in-person or online to find out.

What we can do is show you the roles of what Graph QL IS what it DOES and how to get you some. Then learn how to uppercut your next web app with some of the amazing pieces of technology that have built up around Graph Ql.

About our Speakers

[Vance Lucas]

Vance Lucas is a seasoned programmer with over 17 years of web programming experience dating back to 1998. Vance is a full stack polyglot programmer who currently uses JavaScript/node.js, PHP, and Ruby for most projects. Vance is the co-founder of the Techlahoma Foundation, Oklahoma City JavaScript User Group (OKC.js), and co-organizer of the annual ThunderPlains Developer Conference in Oklahoma City.

[Jesse Harlin]

Jesse is a business owner (simiancraft dev shop) and an experienced full-stack developer at the forefront of JavaScript and front-end technologies. He has a deep understanding of multiple programming languages, libraries, patterns, and software development process. He’s all about JavaScript, Synthesizers, and Amanda Harlin. @5imian +

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