Meeting: July 19 - Tha New JavaScripts on tha Block

This Month

Tuesday: Jul 19, 2016

11:30 am

401 NW 10th,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

About “Tha New JavaScripts on tha Block”

You’re at the hip new Javascript party, chilling out with your friends when it happens. Everyone’s buzzing about the groovy new things in Js and you feel left out. Jenny’s into monads, Jimmy’s into tree shaking and Bobby Dreamboat won’t stop going on about streams and schedulers! OMG like whatever!

In desperation you dive into the freshy-freshest new file in town. Its written in React.js and its straight outta tha’ githubs. …But what’s inside of this file? This isn’t your grandpa’s JavaScript, its a zany new flavor but it reads like hieroglyphics to you! Where’s all the dollar signs? Say What?!?

Good thing you picked up this month’s issue of Javascript Beat! This issue, we’ve got the inside scoop on a hot new ensemble calling themselves “The New JavaScripts on the Block”. Its a tell-all backstage pass, and they’re loose lipped on their juicy new JavaScript secrets! They’re the new standard for modern Javascripting, and you gotta get in on these hot takes.

As a matter of fact, modern Javascript looks really different than even a few years ago. Download any boilerplate for a project and there’s a lot to learn to even get started! We’re going to interview each of the 5 band members, and learn what they like most about Javascript today. Kevin knows all about those quirky dot files in your project and Billy Bundler knows all about modern build systems. Jimmy Streamboat loves schedulers and stream programming while Johnny Lambda loves immutable functions and virtual DOMs! Mikey Monad can help us understand some of the funky ES6 code we’ll find in any hot new source file today, and don’t think of talking to any of these guys if you’re not familiar with modern unit testing strategies! As if!

This Tuesday it is a whirlwind tour of what-the-heck-is-even-happening in this hipster-written boilerplate making the twitter rounds right now. Don’t be left out! Meet the band and be the real center of attention at your next Javascript party!

About our Speaker

Jesse Harlin

Jesse is an experienced full-stack developer at the forefront of JavaScript and front-end technologies. He has a deep understanding of multiple programming languages, libraries, patterns, and software development process. He’s cha-cha crazy for JavaScript, Synthesizers, and Amanda Harlin. @5imian

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