Meeting: Feb. 21 - Node.js and

Rock Your World with Node.js and!

We already have a robust usergroup in terms of size, and we are attempting something ambitious - a live coding session with audience participation. We will have two speakers at our coding session, Ben Van Treese, and Rob Sullivan. Bring your laptops to the meeting if you want to participate and be blown away by live websocket awesomeness.

First, Ben is going to help you go full throttle from neophyte to awesome in the exciting world of Node. We are going to first cover the basics of node and then construct a small node app for the first part of the meeting. This should be a perfect entry point for those new to node, but should also be practical for those at a novice skill level. Then we will cover some more advanced material. Rob is going to join in and simulate an Enterprise environment and load for our app. Everyone interested in Node.js, websockets, and real-time communications should get something out of this presentation.

About our Speakers

Rob Sullivan

Rob is a bona fide Alpha Nerd, SQL Server DBA by day and code slinger by night. He is also the token DBA on This Developers Life, SQL Dude for Tekpub, open source contributor to .NET Micro ORMS and speaker. He is an active member of the Oklahoma City Developers Group and founder/officer of his beloved Oklahoma City SQL Server Developers Group.

@datachomp - Check out Rob’s blog!

Ben Van Tresse

Ben Van Treese is a developer at Nine Collective focusing on server side and client side programming. Ben is a graduate of Southwestern Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Computer Science. He has been programming for over 10 years in various programming languages. Ben’s other interests include everything from cooking and gardening to machine learning and robotics.

@vantreeseba - See what Ben is doing on GitHub!


We learned last month that the same demographic that writes javascript apparently is also the same demographic that can totally vaporize pizza. That or we underestimated just how awesome our turnout would be. In any case we are prepared this February. Tasty lunch will be served for those who attend, but don’t thank us - thank Principal Technologies. These awesome folks are passionate about serving the Oklahoma City technology community, and we thank them for providing lunch, and helping support us.