Meeting: June 19 - Final Fox: The Future of the Web

This Month

Meeting June 19, 2012 from 11:30am - 12:30pm at the <div> in Edmond, OK. Lunch will be provided!

Final Fox: The Future of the Web

Its time to enter a whole new realm of Internet challenge and adventure.

It is no secret that Mozilla has been pushing the boundaries of what the internet is capable of, and has been a fundamental force in evolving the web. This month will be a whirlwind tour of a host of exciting topics that encompass the vast and magical things that Mozilla has in store for everone.

Luke is going to cover a variety of things; Web SMS, Web Telephony, Battery API, Web Vibrator, Touch, Camera, The future of gaming, Mouse Lock, Gamepad API, Gladius.js, Mozilla Open Web apps and Identity/Browser Id. Afterwards there will be a Q & A session, led by Luke covering these topics

Gather your gear; internet adventurers, and level up your interwebs.

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Meeting: May 15 - Knock-Out! Your Browser!

This Month

Meeting May 15, 2012 from 11:30am - 12:30pm at the <div> in Edmond, OK. Lunch will be provided!

Knock-Out!! Your Browser

This month we have a story of true victory. Users expect a modern web application to be a responsive and rich interactive experience. Users will be accessing your site from a variety of mediums, and will be expecting immediate feedback when they are interacting with the page. Don’t let this send a haymaker to your appliation!

This month we have two presentations lined up to get your browser down to fighting weight. In one corner we have Micah Choquette, who will teach you how to adapt your application to any viewing environment. You can ‘Parry and Block’ and ‘Slip and Turn’, as a whole host of viewing resolutions and devices get thrown at your app. In the other corner, we have Michael Sarchet who will teach you how to create a highly interactive experince with knockout.js. Use the power of MVVM to Cross, Hook and Jab your clientside viewmodel. Your pages will float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!

Its time to weigh in. The browser is waiting for your challenge!!

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Meeting: April 17 - Conjunction Junction! What's Your function()?!

s Your function()?! Functions in js with Ryan Rauh

This Month

Meeting April 17, 2012 from 11:30am - 12:30pm at the <div> in Edmond, OK. Lunch will be provided!

Something for Everyone

Over the past few months, we’ve covered a variety of topics. We’ve seen javascript on the server, in the browser and even in your favorite image editor. This month, we are going to cover a topic that is important to anyone using javascript, no matter where you are working : functions !

Conjunction Junction! What’s your function()?!

An Entire Session on functions in JavaScript. Yep, you heard right, an hour full of bad jokes, horrible puns, internet memes, and completely unrelated references to school house rock. Oh and of course JavaScript. Join us on a magical journey from beginner to advanced to WTF (Whats that Function?!?). Along the way we will make super ultimate friends with hoisting, overloading, recursion, declaration, “type”, length, arguments, invocation and more. You’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more functions! Now… take(your.medicine);

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Meeting: March 20 - jQuery UI and Photoshop Automation

About “Ninjas of the Javascript”

Meeting March 20, 2012 from 11:30am - 12:30pm at the <div> in Edmond, OK. Batteries not included, but lunch is!

A Frontal Assault

Last month, we highlighted some of the awesome things happening with
serverside javascript. Now, this month we want to highlight some
awesome uses of javascript for the client, and for frontend designers.
We have two awesome presentations lined up that will demonstrate the
diversity and usefulness of javascript in your workflow.

Photoshop Automation With Javascript

Javascript is everwhere, and if you frequently work in programs such as
image editors, video editors and sound editors you might be surprised to
find Javascript in the most unlikely of places. That means as a
developer or designer, harnessing the power of scripting gives you an
incredible edge. Photoshop gives you the ability to implement javascript
for a variety of tasks, which can save you time. It is time to learn the
ancient secrets of Photoshop, and Dragon Punch™ your photoshop workflow
with the power of Javascript.

Effective Clientside Patterns with the jQuery UI Widget factory

Many of you use jQuery, and similarly, many of you use jQuery UI. Its
time to go beyond simply using the presets and default widgets in your
jQuery UI library. In this talk, we will cover how $.widget really
works, and how beyond its surface, using the widget factory can help you
write elegant and well organized javascript code in your next
application. Do not attend expecting a blow by blow demonstration of the
default widgets. Instead, this is for those who are looking for ways to
organize their codebase with good patterns and solve their own unique
problems with jQuery UI. Shadow Kick™ your web application’s clientside
codebase with the awesome javascript conventions, CSS conventions and
state management afforded by jQuery UI!

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Meeting: Feb. 21 - Node.js and

Rock Your World with Node.js and!

We already have a robust usergroup in terms of size, and we are attempting something ambitious - a live coding session with audience participation. We will have two speakers at our coding session, Ben Van Treese, and Rob Sullivan. Bring your laptops to the meeting if you want to participate and be blown away by live websocket awesomeness.

First, Ben is going to help you go full throttle from neophyte to awesome in the exciting world of Node. We are going to first cover the basics of node and then construct a small node app for the first part of the meeting. This should be a perfect entry point for those new to node, but should also be practical for those at a novice skill level. Then we will cover some more advanced material. Rob is going to join in and simulate an Enterprise environment and load for our app. Everyone interested in Node.js, websockets, and real-time communications should get something out of this presentation.

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First Meeting: January 2012

The inagural OKC.js meeting will be on Tuesday, January 24th from 11:30-12:30 at the okcCoCo in Midtown OKC.

Vance Lucas will give a short presentation on JavaScript BDD testing with Jasmine, followed by a group discussion about what people want from the group, topics people want to hear or present on, and the direction of the group in the future.

This group will be open and benifical to anyone involved in any form of JavaScript at any level. We will cover front-end topics like jQuery, HTML5 APIs and the DOM, back-end development topics with tools like Node.js, Express, and NPM, as well as core JavaScript fundamentals like proper namespacing and the module pattern.

Lunch and drinks will be provided by the nice folks at Nine Collective, so come have a free lunch and get involved in the local JavaScript community.